Hanhong Reagent
Reagent is hanhong's main business, now more than 12000 in Stock.Featured reagents:unnatural amino acids,protected amino acids,peptides,nucleotides,chiral reagents,advanced organic building blocks,organic synthesis reagents.

Fine & specialty Chemicals
As a manufacturer, Hanhong set more than 200 reactors with volume from 50L to 8000L . Besides, Hanhong has one whole-owned enterprises and 6 joint factories, therefore we can produce fine chemicals in tons with wide range.

Custom Synthesis
Hanhong’s core technology is unnatural amino acids synthesis,peptide Synthesis,chiral and biochemical resolution and organic building blocks synthesis. We have four multifunction chemical plants, one pilot plant, 2000m2 Labs and 60 Chemists.


Hanhong business includes three parts: research chemicals, fine & specialty chemicals ,custom synthesis. Hanhong’s core competence is the industrial technology of manufacturing of advanced organic building blocks including unnatural amino acids, protected amino acids, peptides ,nucleosides ,nucleotides and Heterocyclic Building Blocks. By exchanging technology for shares and joint production, Hanhong has set up four holding companies ,six co-operative enterprises and one sole corporation enterprise..
Sales Department :Room 705, NO.2 Building , NO.245,Jiachuan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China . E-Mail:[email protected] 滬ICP備05020763號-5
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